Moulds and mouldings production

KarT Ltd. offers services of designing and manufacturing of injection moulds and plastic parts. We support our customers from the first stages of concept design to the final stage of delivering the complete product.


We have our own design department and modern machine park equipped in machines for metalworking and  injection molding machines. The projects are implemented on the basis of our own documentation as well as on customers’ requirements.


Our offer:

  • designing and production of injection moulds (2K, 3K, IML, overmoulding) – up to 5t,
  • production of plastic parts by injection moulding technology,
  • blow moulds,
  • punch and press tools,
  • prototype tools,
  • modifications and refurbishment of tools.


Production capabilities (XxYxZ, mm)

  • CNC milling: 1050x600x600,
  • Milling: 1160x400x400,
  • CNC profile turning: f-350, X-1000,
  • Turning: f-350, X-2100,
  • Surface grinding: 1500x500x400
  • Cylindrical grinding: f-325, X-1000,
  • Profile grinding: 200x400x150,
  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM): 450x320x410,
  • Wire Electrical Discharge Machining: 550x350x400,
  • CNC measuring machine: X700 Y685 Z500,
  • Water Jest cutting: X-Y: 2540mm x 1397mm, table dimension: 3200mm x 1650mm.



Laser welding, TIG/MIG welding, hardening (under nitrogen shield 500x400x350), laser marking, sandblasting, cutting and bending materials, grinding, polishing, water jet cutting, chiseling, threading, soldering, painting, drilling, reaming.


Machines and equipment

  • EDM machine Agie Charmilles CUT P550
  • High speed machining center Mikron Mill S 500
  • CNC Milling Machine FNE 40N
  • ARBURG ALLROUNDER 420C 1000-290
  • EDM machine ROBOFIL 380
  • EDM machine ROBOFORM 350 Charmilles
  • CNC milling center – Mazak SMART 530C
  • CNC milling center AV166 Fidia
  • CNC milling center Roders RP800
  • CNC milling center VQC 15/40 – Mazak
  • CNC milling center Arrow 750 Cincinati
  • Measurement device CNC GLOBAL 07.07.05 Hexagon