Conveyor type Z

Conveyor type Z

Conveyor type Z is a part of production line for pet food and it works with other devices in pet food manufacturing process. Conveyor is intended to transfer small food products.

The conveyor type Z is designed as a framed structure, made of acid resistant steel with subassemblies that support production process on stage of product transport.

Main components of conveyor type Z:

  • Frame with sewage chute and shields
  • Tape going barrel
  • Driven barrel with tape tension unit
  • Four sets of tape rollers
  • Mechanisms of regulation of the tape

Catalogue KarT – machines for food industry

Parameters Unit of measure Value
Total length mm ~ 3 750
Width mm ~ 660
Width of the tape mm 450
Total height mm ~ 2 300
Max. linear speed of the tape m/min. 33
Power supply V AC / KW 3 x 400 / ~ 1,5
Parameters of the tape
Type P22-21N FDA
Length and width L [mm] x S [mm] 9080 x 450
Height of aside furbelow mm 60
Width of aside furbelow mm 46
Height of driving claw mm 60
Length of driving claw mm 240
Spacing of driving claw mm 150