Tooling production

Tooling Department of KarT Ltd. offers services of designing and manufacturing of mechanical parts and injection moulds. The projects are implemented on the basis of our own documentation as well as on customers’ requirements.


Special Tools Design Department is happy to assist our Customers with their knowledge and experience in every stage of the order realization process. We use CAD/CAM – SolidWorks and Dellcam PowerMILL. High quality of our products is guaranteed by strict quality control of on each stage of production process.


Our offer:

  • injection moulds (cold and hot runner) – up to 3,5t,
  • blow moulds,
  • punch tools,
  • press tools,
  • stamps, dies,
  • electrodes,
  • prototype tools,
  • service and modernization of the moulds,
  • regeneration and surfacing of damaged parts of tooling,
  • cooperation with external 3D prototype department.


Internal and external processes:

laser welding, hardening (under nitrogen shield 500x400x350), laser marking, grinding, polishing, materials cutting fi280 or 280×320, titanium nitride coating (TiN, TiAN), fused salt quenching, vacuum hardening, nitrification.


Production capabilities (XxYxZ, mm)

  • CNC milling: 1200x600x600,
  • Milling: 1000x400x400,
  • CNC profile turning: f-350, X-1000,
  • Turning: f-350, X-2100,
  • Surface grinding: 400×1000,
  • Cylindrical grinding: f-325, X-1200,
  • Profile grinding: 200x400x150,
  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM): 400x300x400,
  • Wire Electrical Discharge Machining: 400x300x210,
  • CNC measuring machine: X700 Y685 Z500.


Machines and equipment

  • EDM machine ROBOFIL 380,
  • EDM machine ROBOFORM 350 Charmilles,
  • CNC milling center – Mazak SMART 530C,
  • CNC milling center AV166 Fidia,
  • CNC milling center Roders RP800,
  • CNC milling center VQC 15/40 – Mazak,
  • CNC milling center Arrow 750 Cincinati,
  • Measurement device CNC GLOBAL 07.07.05 Hexagon.