Can filling machine

Can filling machine

Can filling machine is used to dispense sauce into metal cans with pet food. Machine is a part of production line for pet food and works with other devices in pet food manufacturing process. Device is made of acid resistant steel, equipped with drive that drives conveyor. Above the conveyor there is a tube with nozzles or chute which fills cans with the sauce.

Main features of can filling machine:

  • Supporting structure made of closed profiles
  • Conveyor speed regulation – inverter
  • Pump capacity regulation – inverter
  • Supporting structure – on levelling feet
  • Filling- by tube with nozzles or by chute

Catalogue KarT – machines for food industry

Parameters Unit of measure Value
Length mm ~3000
Width mm ~800
Height with shield mm ~ 1200
Height of conveyor mm 900 + – 50
Width of conveyor mm 114,3
Max. rotational speed of transmission shaft rpm 28
Max. linear velocity of conveyor m/min ~ 11,4
1st option – quantity and diameter of nozzles in tube n/mm 12/fi10
2nd option – quantity and dimension of canal in chute n/mm 17/10×60
Max capacity of pump with open rotor l/min. ~250
Power of driving motor kW 0,55
Power of the pump CO4 500/03 kW 0,35
Power supply V AC 3×400