Cell holders – honeycomb

Cell holders – honeycomb

Cell holders (honeycomb shape) can be combined in a variety of shapes to align to available space. Fits li-ion 18650 batteries.
The cells are placed on a multiple triangle shape – allows to utilize available space more efficiently. Distance between cell 19.4 mm.
Material: ABS, Injection Molded, Produced in EU (Poland), Patent Pending.

Available options: cell holders x1, x2, x3, x6, x2 terminated, side cover, BMS wire holder.

Main features:

  • triangle/honeycomb shape – allows to utilize available space more efficiently than square shape holders,
  • multiple shapes,
  • all sides can be connected (6 sides),
  • precise and tight connection,
  • in x3 and x6 cell holders we implement slot, which helps connecting top and bottom holder,
  • possibility of connecting holders by tape in 3 positions

We offer tapes and connectors for welding. Material; pure nickiel, thickness: connectors 2P, 3P, 4P, 5P, 6P, 7p – 0,2mm, connectors 8P – 0,15mm; tapes T2P, T3P, T4P, T5P, T6P, T7P, T8P – 0,15mm.

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